Guide to Binary Markets

There is no limit to the number of different Binary Options with can be traded online, and this is due to the huge number of different Binary Option markets which are set each day by the market makers.

In this section of our website we shall introduce you to some of the many different types of Binary Markets currently available and are more than confident that several of them will appeal to you.

  • Indices – You will be able to trade on the movement in many different Indices including the UK FTSE 100, Wall Street and the Germany 30 to name but a few of the available indices market options. You will be able to choose whether you think each individual market will move upwards or downwards in value at any given time period and as such you will have plenty of ways available to profit from your trades through the working week.

    When trading in Indices you will be able to choose the exact time period you wish your trades to remain active and open and this could be weekly, hourly or even in five minute time periods.

  • Forex – Some of the most commonly traded Forex Binary Options include the EUR versus USD, GBP versus USD and the USD versus JPY. When you are trading in Forex Binary options then you are simply choosing whether you think the currency you have chosen will fall or rise in regards to the opposing currency if you choose currently then you have made a winning trade.

    There are several different times and rate zones and period offered for Forex trading and as such you should carefully base you trades on any information that you think is relevant or any news story which may affect the movement of any currency at certain times of the day.

  • Commodities – There are way too many Commodities on which you can make and trade Binary Options however you will find that the most commonly traded ones including things such as the prices of Us Light Crude Oil, Gold and Silver, and it is true to say these do have some of the most volatile prices at any given time of the day.

    Should these types of Binary Option trades be of interest to you then we are pleased to report that all of our featured Binary Option trading sites have market spreads and trading options on these plus many other commodity trades available, so do take a good look at our featured sites as   we have plenty of them available for you to choose from and each comes with a solid track record for excellence.

  • Binary specials – Should you be looking from time to time for some of the more exotic Binary Option trades then it can often be wise for you to have a look through some of the daily specials which our featured Binary Options trading sites and brokers have on offer as there are no shortages of some unique an novel trades of offer depending on where and when you choose to check the sites out.

Some Binary Option trading sites will let you trade on economic date that is about to be released from certain countries of the world including things such as the unemployment rates, GDP and other such things.

Politics is also another very popular and certainly unique way of placing a Binary Option trade and you will find unique trading options available including who will win certain elections held globally  plus trades such as who will be the next president or prime minister of certain countries based on their winning ratio in the polls.

As always however no matter what type of Binary Option trades you are looking to perform it is important you have a full understanding of the risks involved and always try and make an informed a decision on your side of the trade as is possible so as to negate your risks and exposure in any live market and trade.