Different Types of Binaries

Should you be new to the exciting and potentially very profitable world of Binary Option dealing then we would like to present to you below the many different types of Binaries that you are going to be able to trade and come across when trading Options online.

We have also added an overview of what each type of Binary Option is all about and as such you will soon get the hang of how each of them work and operate. Also be aware that as you are learning to trade Binaries you may find it very useful to open a test account at any of our showcased top 10 Binary Option brokers.

By opening one of these test accounts then you will be able to trade just like in the real money environment however you will be making free trades, and whilst you cannot make actual profits using a test account nor can you risk any money, but they will allow you to get a true feel for Binary Option trading with no risk what so ever attached to any of your test trades!

Types of binaries

  • Ladder Binaries – When you place what is known as a Ladder Binary then you are placing a trade on whether you think that any listed market is going to finish the trading period above the level that has been indicated on the market, this is often most commonly found on stock market indices and as such you will find no shortages of these kinds of Ladder Binaries available to you when you start to trade Binaries online.
  • Target Binaries – This is a slightly different kind of Binary Option and when you opt to place a trade on a Target Binary then you are choosing to trade that a market is going to close at any specified time period within a certain price range, once again as these types of trades are commonplace on stock market indices then plenty of options will be available to you at all time of the day or night.
  • Hi-Lo Binaries – This is a more unusual type of Binary Option and as such you are faced with predicting whether any listed option is going to close at a higher or lower level than the option previously closed at. This is a straight forward yes or no type of trading option and as such is becoming a very popular kind or traded option with both new and experienced Binary Option traders.
  • One Touch Binaries – When you are faced with a One Touch Binary Option then this will see you hopefully when you have placed such a trade that the price of any given listed market is going to surpass a certain level at any time period allocated to the option, it can break through this level at any time in the allocated time period and if it does then this option will be deemed to be a successful one even if the price drops back down later in the time period.
  • Tunnel Binaries – Another type of Binary Option trade that is increasing in popularity with traders is a Tunnel Binary, and this is quite simple to understand and master. The idea behind this type of traded option is that you will be hoping if you have placed such a trade that the market price is going to stay within two given and listed boundaries during the course of the allocated time period for the market trade. This type of Tunnel Binary is best describes as a volatility buying or selling traded option as that is exactly what you are hoping to happen either buying or selling the option will see one of two events happening.
  • Binary Option Time Periods – There is quite a diverse range of time periods for any traded Binary Option and as such all of those listed above can be broken down and traded at either weekly, daily, hourly time period or even a much lower time period such as 20 minute and 5 minute binaries time zone periods.